Sunday, August 24, 2008

We're Back


Working on getting forum and back, have more for you as it becomes available.

Friday, August 22, 2008 coming back

That's right, is coming back, I'll have more news for you as it unfolds, but I can tell you right now that if it comes out like I want, it will look very good.

catch you all later ;)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Collge Spirit

Alright, as some of you may or may not know, I recently went about attending a major university within the United States. This is after having come from a small community college that settled along the banks of the Tennessee river, so the change was somewhat dramatic in terms of exactly what it was that was going on. First off let me say that I am in know way attacking Purdue University, (har har, saving my own ass here) I am just commenting on the nature of school spirit when applied to large groups. I can easily say that much anything I am about to say can be applied to nearly any large University which features a sports team and has a committee to make the kids attending feel proud about the school.

But I have to admit, ever time I put my arm into the air, clap and say "Boiler Up" it feels just a bit like Hitler youth. Alright so maybe that is a very far off comparison, but the mob mentality, combined with the ideology that there is this much pride generated over a school or a sports team, enough to get 5000+ people to do it in Unison is admittedly creepy. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there is a good reason for it in terms of the students mental health. For a lot of students they have left their homes for the next 4 years to live with people whom they have no clue about, so for them this something useful and fun to keep their minds off of their homesickness, in part to give them a new home to be proud of.

That doesn't not however change the fact that these chants and songs are just a bit fucking creepy for someone who has little experience in anything resembling school spirit. My High School was proud of itself, and it knew it was well off academically, but in terms of school spirit it was just kind of an inner pride that we all kept to ourselves, knowing damn well that we were the top preforming High School in the region, nearly hands down. So there was really no need, as this was a secret that everyone was in on, That and our sports teams were never in the American Football kind of thing, so we got stuck with those funny off sports.

And Community college was no different, no one was there because they were proud to be there, they were there because they had a goal to accomplish, and the community college was the means to that goal. I don't know maybe I feel the same way at Purdue, and that is why I am not quite as in the mood as others, I don't really feel proud to be up here, I had a feeling that I could easily get in with the right use of Charisma and applied intelligence, that I am using Purdue as a means to accomplish the goal of networking with major industries and large sections of the Government sector where I intend to eventually work,

But Yeah, just some thoughts, any of you out there find your school spirit to be just a bit creepy?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm Back!

Well, after sitting around for nearly 4 days, I have been without internet, and now I have it back, which is wonderful in oh so many ways, but I am also busy as hell, and really only have the time to sit here and tell you that I am in fact back and will be doing whatever the hell it is that I do online. But yeah... if you're curious where the hell I've been (and I know for a fact that you actually could care less), I have been away at Purdue University, spending money so that I could get a DSL connection (real progress forward here in this dormitory)

But yeah that is really all I have right now (I've got a lot more to say, but sadly no time to say it because my schedule is so insane right now I really don't have time to sit down and write all the things I want to say)

But you are probably going to get several post tomorrow, which is kind of like my off day. Yeah!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

How to stay up

So, I have this new plan in order to reset my all to precious sleep schedule, I'm going to try and stay up for only 29 hours, which honestly isn't that hard. The problem is that I haven't done this in quite a while, and I'm not quite sure what is the best way to pull it off. So I'm starting with a Caffeine regiment along with a lot of tea. The problem is that Caffeine has a nasty habit of making you crash, and my current sleep cycle (the one in which I was only staying up 12-14 hours (out of a 24 hour day, that is too little time to be up) is way to far off, and its only 12 hours in and I am already beginning to feel the effects of sleep dep. This is way to early on in the field to play this game.

I'm going to stick to playing WoW, doing some activities outside, keeping up a physical regiment. I can't illustrate who desperate I am to put my sleep schedule back on track. The problem is I'm probably just going to fuck it up again on Friday. Ugggh... I have a lot to do this weekend

Anyway so yeah. I'm trying to stay up, feel free to post comments and suggestions on how you stabilize your sleep system.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Double Fuck

Well I'm sitting here, and I am actually starting to pick up some nice stories for Saturday, so this next video won't quite be as horrible as the last one. This one will in fact feature a script. So look forward to that, I do hope it brings you some kind of joy or something similar.

Also I should note that if you haven't seen Batman: The Dark Night, you totally should, its a very good film. On a funnier note, I thought I might talk about WoW, and now that I have gotten my flying mount, I thought I might actually make a useful class, so I rolled up a druid on Alteric Mountains (the server) named fullphaser, because I am horrible unoriginal + its a good way to get ones name out.

Also I am working slowly to get my forum up and running (the Phaser Labs Links). Also I am trying to get this post out before Midnight, because I don't want to break my habit of posting at least 1 think every day, that way I can come back and look at it later and vomit all over myself

But if you're on the server and you actually give 2 shits, feel free to shoot me a mail or something.

Lata, =D

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

On the Internet and God

So, One thing that I have come to see become popular on the internet is the ideology surrounding a god or gods. It's quite funny, simply because it seems to be the new arena in which those of the world begin to combat each others in their ideology. The Internet has opened this new realm in which the people of the world go about to tackling the major issues of the world, and with this new information highway, so to exist the tendency of those around us to begin to question their belief systems in favor of new information that without the internet would simply not be present.

But with the new age of information so to comes the massive waves of misinformation to persuade the public into something else. Which presents a whole new problem for society. A society in which mass media really doesn't even have to try anymore, rather a simple e-mail can convince a person of a series of the most blatant lies. A reality in which the core of said information (lets say Wikipedia in this case) is seen as the key area of disinformation and considered the most dis trustworthy source of information available.

So there we have a paradox, that all information must at first be treated as false in nature because before verification can occur, that information must be treated as simply popular rather than correct. Because the more popular the information and by this regard I mean the more people who believe, it becomes more credible simply because it has a force of will that stretches out and forces others intro this kind of cult belief system.

That being said, it would seem that I really need to come up with a script for the video tonight, so I will see you later


Monday, August 4, 2008

Oh God I hate shopping

Alright, so I had to go out and start to round up some things, so that when I do go off to college, my first series of thoughts is not to run right back home to get something that I may or may not have left at home. So I am running through the wonderful little list that Purdue supplies, my own personal wants, and in addition to that some suggestions from my parents. Now I suppose the smart thing would be to contact my roommates in the near future to find out exactly what it is we would only need one of... but I have a nasty habit of not trusting people as far as they can be thrown. Why leave to others what you are just going to have to take care of yourself?

Point of the matter is that I decided to pick up some of the basics tonight (more clothes, shoes, school supplies). Thanks to some help from my grandmother I was able to get a hold of some bedsheets and towels. Its looking like the only thing that I need now are bathroom supplies, a bit of medication, a printer, and to start gathering boxes up. I'm planning on bringing up an Ionic Breeze, Air Conditioner (can never be to cold), A TV (27" Wide screen thank you Rave Motion Pictures) A computer, although judging from the size of the room I can't make any guesses where the hell I am going to put the computer.

It will be nice to have a dresser I suppose, I'm not sure if I'm going to see my PS2 / XBOX. I suppose the place could use some plants too.... never a bad time to add some green to the room. Anyway I wrote this so that I would have a chance to bitch about shopping, and my first complaint goes to you lawl-mart

You see Wal Mart has implemented this new system where they let the customer ring themselves up, the problem of course is that the system was not designed for any Wal Mart customers. You see it was designed for people who are not in a hurry (because that's not the reason I dropped by the thing to begin with). Add to this computer incompetence, and you have the perfect mix of a hold up not seen for ages.

Really its just faster to use the cashiers to begin with... So yeah anyway, moving on there is of course Sears, who seems to believe that their customers are either fat and short, or perfectly normal in size. So fuck you Sears, why don't you make some 44x32 pants? For that matter, why don't a lot of places make 44x32? This also applies to shirts, especially those of the 3x size...

And of course Target. Really just fuck you guys, your customer base is composed of all those people who think they are to good to be seen shopping at Wal-Mart. Look I'm a poor college student, who has come from a Lower Middle Class family, and is living off loans in order to operate, so fuck you Target, and your I'm better than you attitude that your customers have, its like a K-Mart that had more money.

All in all, I hate shopping, this is all... also I have to come up with some News stories for my Tuesday video, as nothing of intrest has caught my eye.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hereos of Might and piss me off

So, I have had Heroes of Might and Magic 5 for quite a while now, so the game is nothing new to me. But after I reformatted my computer 6-9 months ago, I kind of forgot to reinstall it. So I figured I might as well, along with a couple of other decent games that are worth playing until 4 in the morning. But I quickly came to remember why it is I had given up on this game for a while there, and still to some degree sort of have

The Map editor for almost every Heroes game before was so much more intuitive, this poor thing is so choked up on its graphics, even a computer with my specs can't really take it. And so I am left with (until I can find a way to prune the memory leaks out of the map editor) with what is left online etc. Add to this that the company (Ubisoft) in an attempt to make more money, rather than release all the games content at once they decided that they were going to release it in expansions.

This is a dick move to your customers I'm convinced, especially if you intend to charge them for said expansion pack, it's just not right to do that to paying customers for your first game. I don't know perhaps it is just me, but I figure if you are going to release a product and you expect your customers to pay the first time, and it is not running a constant bill for servers, than release new content to them for free.

Anyway, the gaping memory hole that sits in the main game too is quite the annoyance, I have never been so upset that an up to date GPU hasn't been able to render a game. And I really don't think its the GPU's fault, I have seen it load much prettier games, but the fact of the matter is that in new game development, with so much focus on graphics, they forget that load times / memory leaks are far less liked than any tree or 3d rendered whatchmafuck.

So yeah... please fix the memory leaks

Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Game

Well you all just lost the game, but that is besides the point, in honor of the August 8th opening to the Olympics has opened up a contest to get people to come up with interesting way to promote the games. That way? find some interesting ways to get the largest number of people to loose the game.

So get out there and find some cool ways to get people to loose the game. I myself have done it a bit early, (but people probably won't start seeing it until the 8th anyway). And I have done a quick video said mention of the game.

But yeah, today's blog post is short, so just post some comments on your own plans to help people to loose the game


Youtube Script, 08/02/08

Youtube Script for August the 2nd 2008
Hello, it’s August the 2nd 2008, and yes my nose is finally green

Opening Credits: Song - 09. BassHunter - Vi sitter i Ventrilo och spelar DOTA

So at the top of the news, a story about corruption within our government, not that you haven’t heard about something like this before. This story is coming from the MnDOT, and an employee of theirs who took a 2 week hiatus during one of the most critical emergencies the state ever faced. And what is even better, is that she is now working for the Homeland Security’s DOT, the world never ceases to amaze me.

Sonia Pitt was working for MnDOT when that huge bridge collapse a while ago occurred, and during the event she decided to take an unauthorized vacation to Washington using state funds. She was fired by MnDOT for this huge misappropriation of power. But it would seem only 6 months later she is now working for Homeland Security’s DOT.

In news no one cares about, because it’s about California, and only Californians seem to care about California.

An earthquake of 5.4 in magnitude stuck the Los Angeles area. It would seem however those years of developing structures to withstand earthquakes have done quite a deal of good, with reports that damage across the region was essentially minimal.

In an airport far far away, Virgin Galactic has unveiled its newest lineup in the commercial spaceship race. The carbon composite spaceship launching base White Knight 2, was unveiled in the New Mexico desert.

In 3 Rivers Michigan, a joker was arrested, that’s right, someone decided to imitate the joker in an attempt to make off with some movie posters, sadly the police already knew how he got those scars, and we’re quick to arrest him.

"Scene Deleted Because I was too busy loosing the game"

You may have missed the eclipse yesterday, if you did it’s ok it was only showing in northern china anyway. To see some more information check out the link in the transcript.

Tired of the MPA?
You’re not tired enough of them yet, you see they have a new plan that they would love to see the FCC adopt. And it even has social benefits on you the user of your television by allowing you to see movie programs a few months earlier on those On Demand movie channels, and the only thing that you have to give up is that the MPAA gets to control all input and output jacks on the back of your television.

That’s right, the proposed Selectable output control would allow the MPA to control all the jacks on the back of your television if the FCC approves, please be sure to check out the link in the transcript for a way to protest


That’s right apparently the key suspect has committed suicide, and who was said key suspect? It was a leading scientist in the Biodefense agency for the United States. Bruce Ivins was going to be charged with the anthrax deaths that occurred in 2001. He managed to overdose on Tylenol, so we may never find the man truly responsible.

Interesting in its own right, do you guys think he was guilty?
But that’s about it for today, please feel free to comment, whatever

Credits: 08. Basshunter - I Can Walk On Water I Can Fly

Friday, August 1, 2008

Man Kills guy on Greyhoud Bus

So apparently the news that is all over the web and media. The story of course is that a man on a greyhound bus stabbed and eventually decapitated another passenger on the bus. It should also be noted that said passenger was sleeping at the time of the decapitation (or at least prior to the first knife strike). Oh yes, he wasn't decapitated in a single blow, it took several knifing to the neck until the man finally died.

So it was later discovered that the man was of course insane and probably should have been in a mental institution. That being said, I would like it to be noted that if you have ever been on A greyhound bus, than this kind of passenger isn't all that surprising. In fact he's quite expected, he did what you are afraid most of the passengers on that bus were going to do anyway.

I'm more surprised that fellow passengers didn't help to decapitate the victim. These are the people who are so destitute they couldn't afford a Plane ticket, so they are left for days on a miserable bus with the rest of the destitute. These buses have been through literal hell. So honestly I am simply not surprised this happened

If anything I'm more surprised I hadn't seen this story earlier. Also its been discussed weather or not the man should receive the death penalty. I would like it to be noted the man is in Canada, and unless he is expedited to the US, it is highly unlikely that he will even be considered for the death penalty.

With the system the way it is (you know civilized, and not Texas), he will probably receive the medical help he needs, and be placed in an institution where he will be taken care of.