Thursday, September 18, 2008

Man I hate doctors

Alright, so I have come down with my bi-annual sinus infection, the problem is that I am no where near home. So I thought to myself, it's a good time to stop by a doctors office so that I can get a prescription written for some antibiotics, take them for 3 weeks, and kindly be on my way. So I scheduled an appointment with the schools in house Doctor's Office (kindly referred to here as PUSH), for something around 10:30. Thanks to a combination of missing the bus and my alarm going off at the wrong time, I wound up waking up around 9:50, for those who don't know it's a 20 minute walk just to get down to the center of campus, plus or minus the time it took to take a quick shower and get changed. Long story short I ended up getting there at 10:35 ish, And thanks to standard doctor like love, my appointment had been scrubbed. So I asked what I could do in the mean time, and they told me that I could either pay to see the Emergency Care ward (way to go American health System), or I could reschedule for another day, due to complications tomorrow is out of the question.

So they set me up with this triage nurse in the meantime to help me make the reschedule, she didn't seem to understand that I really couldn't come in on Friday, and seemed even more frustrated that I was irritated by the manner I was being treated in this whole thing. She proceeded to list a string of medicines which she thought might be helpful (advil cold and sinus, afrin, etc.) for those of you who get these bi-annual sinus infections, you know that those medications will do all of nothing to stop the creature, and that until you start taking rounds of antibiotics, you're pretty much looking at the symptoms for a long time to come (Did I mention that even though I listed the symptoms, explained I am well acquainted with, and know damn well that it's a Sinus Infection, she proceeded to tell me I have a cold). Needless to say right now I'm a little upset, a little tired, a little hungry, and quite miserable from a combination of lonely depression, and a horrible Sinus Infection

Don't get me wrong, I understand that you are supposed to show up 15 minutes early not 4 minutes late, but it would seem to me that if you are that backed up with students, you wouldn't have told me Yesterday (at 4:50 after you had closed normal business) that you have openings from 8-noon. I don't know maybe a 1000 mystery patients called in the night, or maybe I just was so busy being miserable yesterday I misinterpreted the young lady. If you add to all of this the fact that "PUSH" isn't really covered by insurance, you get this lovely mess. Add to all this that all of the local doctors aren't anywhere close to the Bus Routes, (or at least the doctors my insurance covers) and I'm looking at a very long weekend.

You know, how fucking hard is it to go here take this antibiotics for a few weeks. It's not like I'm going to use them to make a meth bomb or sell them on the street, I feel like shit and I want to get better, and I know the quickest way to do that is to take some Antibiotics. And yes I know that doctors are supposed to give a diagnosis of the situation before they can proceed, but fuck, you know after 20 years of this living hell, I think I would pick up on when my sinuses are acting up. It's not a god damned mystery, and even if it was a cold the Antibiotics aren't going to help or hurt, its not like it will destroy my immune system.

People in the field of biology are so wrapped up in this fear of releasing the next super bug, that they often forget what the hell they became a doctor for. It's not to make a quick buck, it's not to shuffle as many human beings through a door at any given time, its to fucking help people. And if you can't be bothered to meet with someone whose fucking miserable and just a bit late, than what the hell can you be bothered with? I mean goddamnit people, I just want to see a doctor so that I can feel better, so I don't have to blow my nose ever 5 minutes.

Doctors within the US health system need to stop going out to play golf every god damn chance they get and try to remember why it is that they made the Hippocratic Oath

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