Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Oh the north and the South

Well, having moved from one side of this line to another, I have come to a sharp conclusion, the north is not as care free and liberal as I was told, in fact I feel like I have been lied to, and have moved from a mountain based conservative church going god fearing racist community to a corn based conservative church going god fearing racist community. And the worst part is that the mountain based version while vocal suffered from it in a less severe manner. And by that I mean for every nut job, there were a lot of folks who understood the importance of racial issues and knew not to tromp on them. That isn't to say the majority wasn't racist, they just tended to deal with the issue rather than to let it sit and brew.

But having heard stories from Ohio, Massachusetts, etc. all northern states, I have come to the conclusion that the new yorker map of America is probably right on

That being said, I think it important to note, that there is no north and south any more, rather there is "The East Coast Major Cities", The Center of America, and The West Coast. These are the 3 new areas of the United States, and we can really break it down further to "The Coast" and "The Center". The center is composed of highly retard based populations who often vote republican, share religious views, and feel the need to scream that they are patriotic so the rest of the world can hear. They also fear change and hate anything that they don't understand. Meanwhile the Coastal areas, having an ocean to escape on are often the actual targets of attacks against American soil, and feel alienated, highly liberal, and attempt to move away from standard religion (save perhaps Judaism) and the racism is directed at actual foreigners, rather than different races who have been in the United States since its foundation.

With all this in mind, I think the only choice location is clear... Europe, but the problem is that while the United States is working on eliminating freedom of thought, the EU is working on getting rid of freedom of action, with every corner infested with a camera in London, France and other European nations seeing the tension between Muslims and their own citizens building, and the Eastern section of Europe still being the path where everyone else goes through, creating the doormat effect.

Southeast Asia isn't a much better choice. While the economy may flourish, the price is often at the cost of human lives and the novel idea of a vacation, and while I'm all for working towards a greater humanity, I'm fine doing it at a pace that allows for the equal opportunity and human rights preservation. Leaving South America and Africa, which are sadly still shitholes

That is all.

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