Friday, October 24, 2008

Partison Fuckery

Well I thought I'd take a moment to step away from my bitching and complain about more global issues that are far more worthy of my hatred. You see I grew up in the south, and as such I am used to a pretty one sided perspective of politics. That being said I must admit that things are getting rather nasty this year, far nastier than they usually are. With McCain almost setup to loose (lets face the old fart never really stood a chance against a torrent of angry democrats who are tired of dieing because they didn't have enough money to pay the bills). So despite my usual approach of waiting until the last minute (for which I am so well known for in the past ) I am going to go ahead and say that if the democrats don't' win this election that they might as well just QQ re-roll another country.

That being said it would seem that their lackeys have gotten quite the rap for being racist and bigoted assholes, that is on both sides of the argument. While the McCain camp has gotten down to nothing short of calling Barak Obama a dirty terrorist who is hell bent on taking over the country and somehow making all white people slaves. Oh yes and Arabs are all horrible. Meanwhile the Obama campaign while not quite so much on the bigotry and the hatred, has certainly had non stop fun in picking apart those who don't happen to have all the time to listen to all points of view. By just degrading these people, I believe (personally) that these kind of things are uncalled for, there is no need to simply call these people stupid. The big problem is they honestly don't know the whole story.

Anyway it just shows how politics can never come in the form of something, We in America have this love of dirty politics, because we could care less for the truth. We would much rather just stick to mud slinging than actually listing to C-Span (I mean this is why C-Span still sucks in the ratings, but should you want the truth go no further, they actually just tape the senate for the shits and giggles (that poor cameraman)

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