Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Double Fuck

Well I'm sitting here, and I am actually starting to pick up some nice stories for Saturday, so this next video won't quite be as horrible as the last one. This one will in fact feature a script. So look forward to that, I do hope it brings you some kind of joy or something similar.

Also I should note that if you haven't seen Batman: The Dark Night, you totally should, its a very good film. On a funnier note, I thought I might talk about WoW, and now that I have gotten my flying mount, I thought I might actually make a useful class, so I rolled up a druid on Alteric Mountains (the server) named fullphaser, because I am horrible unoriginal + its a good way to get ones name out.

Also I am working slowly to get my forum up and running (the Phaser Labs Links). Also I am trying to get this post out before Midnight, because I don't want to break my habit of posting at least 1 think every day, that way I can come back and look at it later and vomit all over myself

But if you're on the server and you actually give 2 shits, feel free to shoot me a mail or something.

Lata, =D

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