Monday, August 4, 2008

Oh God I hate shopping

Alright, so I had to go out and start to round up some things, so that when I do go off to college, my first series of thoughts is not to run right back home to get something that I may or may not have left at home. So I am running through the wonderful little list that Purdue supplies, my own personal wants, and in addition to that some suggestions from my parents. Now I suppose the smart thing would be to contact my roommates in the near future to find out exactly what it is we would only need one of... but I have a nasty habit of not trusting people as far as they can be thrown. Why leave to others what you are just going to have to take care of yourself?

Point of the matter is that I decided to pick up some of the basics tonight (more clothes, shoes, school supplies). Thanks to some help from my grandmother I was able to get a hold of some bedsheets and towels. Its looking like the only thing that I need now are bathroom supplies, a bit of medication, a printer, and to start gathering boxes up. I'm planning on bringing up an Ionic Breeze, Air Conditioner (can never be to cold), A TV (27" Wide screen thank you Rave Motion Pictures) A computer, although judging from the size of the room I can't make any guesses where the hell I am going to put the computer.

It will be nice to have a dresser I suppose, I'm not sure if I'm going to see my PS2 / XBOX. I suppose the place could use some plants too.... never a bad time to add some green to the room. Anyway I wrote this so that I would have a chance to bitch about shopping, and my first complaint goes to you lawl-mart

You see Wal Mart has implemented this new system where they let the customer ring themselves up, the problem of course is that the system was not designed for any Wal Mart customers. You see it was designed for people who are not in a hurry (because that's not the reason I dropped by the thing to begin with). Add to this computer incompetence, and you have the perfect mix of a hold up not seen for ages.

Really its just faster to use the cashiers to begin with... So yeah anyway, moving on there is of course Sears, who seems to believe that their customers are either fat and short, or perfectly normal in size. So fuck you Sears, why don't you make some 44x32 pants? For that matter, why don't a lot of places make 44x32? This also applies to shirts, especially those of the 3x size...

And of course Target. Really just fuck you guys, your customer base is composed of all those people who think they are to good to be seen shopping at Wal-Mart. Look I'm a poor college student, who has come from a Lower Middle Class family, and is living off loans in order to operate, so fuck you Target, and your I'm better than you attitude that your customers have, its like a K-Mart that had more money.

All in all, I hate shopping, this is all... also I have to come up with some News stories for my Tuesday video, as nothing of intrest has caught my eye.

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