Friday, August 1, 2008

Man Kills guy on Greyhoud Bus

So apparently the news that is all over the web and media. The story of course is that a man on a greyhound bus stabbed and eventually decapitated another passenger on the bus. It should also be noted that said passenger was sleeping at the time of the decapitation (or at least prior to the first knife strike). Oh yes, he wasn't decapitated in a single blow, it took several knifing to the neck until the man finally died.

So it was later discovered that the man was of course insane and probably should have been in a mental institution. That being said, I would like it to be noted that if you have ever been on A greyhound bus, than this kind of passenger isn't all that surprising. In fact he's quite expected, he did what you are afraid most of the passengers on that bus were going to do anyway.

I'm more surprised that fellow passengers didn't help to decapitate the victim. These are the people who are so destitute they couldn't afford a Plane ticket, so they are left for days on a miserable bus with the rest of the destitute. These buses have been through literal hell. So honestly I am simply not surprised this happened

If anything I'm more surprised I hadn't seen this story earlier. Also its been discussed weather or not the man should receive the death penalty. I would like it to be noted the man is in Canada, and unless he is expedited to the US, it is highly unlikely that he will even be considered for the death penalty.

With the system the way it is (you know civilized, and not Texas), he will probably receive the medical help he needs, and be placed in an institution where he will be taken care of.

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