Thursday, August 7, 2008

How to stay up

So, I have this new plan in order to reset my all to precious sleep schedule, I'm going to try and stay up for only 29 hours, which honestly isn't that hard. The problem is that I haven't done this in quite a while, and I'm not quite sure what is the best way to pull it off. So I'm starting with a Caffeine regiment along with a lot of tea. The problem is that Caffeine has a nasty habit of making you crash, and my current sleep cycle (the one in which I was only staying up 12-14 hours (out of a 24 hour day, that is too little time to be up) is way to far off, and its only 12 hours in and I am already beginning to feel the effects of sleep dep. This is way to early on in the field to play this game.

I'm going to stick to playing WoW, doing some activities outside, keeping up a physical regiment. I can't illustrate who desperate I am to put my sleep schedule back on track. The problem is I'm probably just going to fuck it up again on Friday. Ugggh... I have a lot to do this weekend

Anyway so yeah. I'm trying to stay up, feel free to post comments and suggestions on how you stabilize your sleep system.

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