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Youtube Script, 08/02/08

Youtube Script for August the 2nd 2008
Hello, it’s August the 2nd 2008, and yes my nose is finally green

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So at the top of the news, a story about corruption within our government, not that you haven’t heard about something like this before. This story is coming from the MnDOT, and an employee of theirs who took a 2 week hiatus during one of the most critical emergencies the state ever faced. And what is even better, is that she is now working for the Homeland Security’s DOT, the world never ceases to amaze me.

Sonia Pitt was working for MnDOT when that huge bridge collapse a while ago occurred, and during the event she decided to take an unauthorized vacation to Washington using state funds. She was fired by MnDOT for this huge misappropriation of power. But it would seem only 6 months later she is now working for Homeland Security’s DOT.

In news no one cares about, because it’s about California, and only Californians seem to care about California.

An earthquake of 5.4 in magnitude stuck the Los Angeles area. It would seem however those years of developing structures to withstand earthquakes have done quite a deal of good, with reports that damage across the region was essentially minimal.

In an airport far far away, Virgin Galactic has unveiled its newest lineup in the commercial spaceship race. The carbon composite spaceship launching base White Knight 2, was unveiled in the New Mexico desert.

In 3 Rivers Michigan, a joker was arrested, that’s right, someone decided to imitate the joker in an attempt to make off with some movie posters, sadly the police already knew how he got those scars, and we’re quick to arrest him.

"Scene Deleted Because I was too busy loosing the game"

You may have missed the eclipse yesterday, if you did it’s ok it was only showing in northern china anyway. To see some more information check out the link in the transcript.

Tired of the MPA?
You’re not tired enough of them yet, you see they have a new plan that they would love to see the FCC adopt. And it even has social benefits on you the user of your television by allowing you to see movie programs a few months earlier on those On Demand movie channels, and the only thing that you have to give up is that the MPAA gets to control all input and output jacks on the back of your television.

That’s right, the proposed Selectable output control would allow the MPA to control all the jacks on the back of your television if the FCC approves, please be sure to check out the link in the transcript for a way to protest


That’s right apparently the key suspect has committed suicide, and who was said key suspect? It was a leading scientist in the Biodefense agency for the United States. Bruce Ivins was going to be charged with the anthrax deaths that occurred in 2001. He managed to overdose on Tylenol, so we may never find the man truly responsible.

Interesting in its own right, do you guys think he was guilty?
But that’s about it for today, please feel free to comment, whatever

Credits: 08. Basshunter - I Can Walk On Water I Can Fly

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