Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hereos of Might and piss me off

So, I have had Heroes of Might and Magic 5 for quite a while now, so the game is nothing new to me. But after I reformatted my computer 6-9 months ago, I kind of forgot to reinstall it. So I figured I might as well, along with a couple of other decent games that are worth playing until 4 in the morning. But I quickly came to remember why it is I had given up on this game for a while there, and still to some degree sort of have

The Map editor for almost every Heroes game before was so much more intuitive, this poor thing is so choked up on its graphics, even a computer with my specs can't really take it. And so I am left with (until I can find a way to prune the memory leaks out of the map editor) with what is left online etc. Add to this that the company (Ubisoft) in an attempt to make more money, rather than release all the games content at once they decided that they were going to release it in expansions.

This is a dick move to your customers I'm convinced, especially if you intend to charge them for said expansion pack, it's just not right to do that to paying customers for your first game. I don't know perhaps it is just me, but I figure if you are going to release a product and you expect your customers to pay the first time, and it is not running a constant bill for servers, than release new content to them for free.

Anyway, the gaping memory hole that sits in the main game too is quite the annoyance, I have never been so upset that an up to date GPU hasn't been able to render a game. And I really don't think its the GPU's fault, I have seen it load much prettier games, but the fact of the matter is that in new game development, with so much focus on graphics, they forget that load times / memory leaks are far less liked than any tree or 3d rendered whatchmafuck.

So yeah... please fix the memory leaks

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