Tuesday, August 5, 2008

On the Internet and God

So, One thing that I have come to see become popular on the internet is the ideology surrounding a god or gods. It's quite funny, simply because it seems to be the new arena in which those of the world begin to combat each others in their ideology. The Internet has opened this new realm in which the people of the world go about to tackling the major issues of the world, and with this new information highway, so to exist the tendency of those around us to begin to question their belief systems in favor of new information that without the internet would simply not be present.

But with the new age of information so to comes the massive waves of misinformation to persuade the public into something else. Which presents a whole new problem for society. A society in which mass media really doesn't even have to try anymore, rather a simple e-mail can convince a person of a series of the most blatant lies. A reality in which the core of said information (lets say Wikipedia in this case) is seen as the key area of disinformation and considered the most dis trustworthy source of information available.

So there we have a paradox, that all information must at first be treated as false in nature because before verification can occur, that information must be treated as simply popular rather than correct. Because the more popular the information and by this regard I mean the more people who believe, it becomes more credible simply because it has a force of will that stretches out and forces others intro this kind of cult belief system.

That being said, it would seem that I really need to come up with a script for the video tonight, so I will see you later


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