Thursday, July 24, 2008

Covering for Star Trek Writers #1

I'd like to run a series of articles, on how to explain away obvious holes in the writing that is done for Star Trek series over time. I don't know why I have any motivation to do this, but I thought I might as well do it for the sake of amusing myself, and keeping others informed with pseudo information, so they too may feel better about themselves and their fandom.

So the question than becomes, what is one of the first issues that I want to address? I thought I might go after the series "Star Trek: Voyager" and their increasing ease in their ability to defeat the Borg in a confrontation. It went from being scared of dead drones,and avoiding the Borg at all cost, all the way to flying into a Borg base and blasting away like it was no ones business.

I think this one is actually one of the easier holes to cover, and it has a lot to do with Voyager simply passing through the Delta Quadrant. The fact is that we know that Voyager was picking up technology as it went, so in that regard it was already more advanced than most Federation starships out there, due to a combination of the already advanced design of Voyager (which was more than likely designed to combat the Borg, given the timeline). It was no old Galaxy class or Miranda, rather it was a new off the line Intrepid, and than they get to run through the Delta Quadrant, and like a woman in a shoe store, begin to pick up any technology they wish to (all while of course sticking to the Prime Directive).

What this leads to is them running into the Borg in a conflict, a conflict the Borg are loosing, to a species that voyager would later make an alliance with. Add to this the Borg Drone they picked up. Picard had only been a drone for a matter of days, and was easily able to pinpoint a weakness in the Borg Cube attacking earth, 7 of 9 represents a Borg Drone who had been with the collective for a very long time, and had a great deal of knowledge regarding the technology used by the Borg. So she hands it over to the Voyager crew, and this is brought up many times throughout the series. Its mentioned in nearly every episode where a major change has been made to the ship, that 7 of 9 was a key element in this upgrade.

So there you have it, perhaps the defeat of the Borg scout ship in episodes like Dark Frontier 1 & 2. Also there was the knowledge provided by the Hanson's which never made it back to Federation HQ. Sure the Borg may have assimilated the Hanson's, but the Voyager crew could easily have modified it.

Just some thoughts

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