Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Youtube Script July 29th, 2008

Youtube Script
July 29th 2008
Well it’s July 29th, 2008, and I think that I am actually starting to make a regular series out of this, so I thought it was high time I come up with a theme, and given my already greenish nose, I thought I’d take a shot at vegetable of the week. Today’s Vegetable… the onion, because it was the only one lying around the house.

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This Just in, a biker was assaulted by New York City Police officers in the recent July 25th Critical Mass Rally. In addition to that he was charged with attempted assault upon the officer & resisting arrest. If you’d like to see the video check out the link in the sidebar

For those of you who aren’t quite familiar with the Critical Mass Rally are held on the Last Friday of every month in cities worldwide to demonstrate how unfriendly most cities are towards cyclist. It would seem that they have more than proven their point. To see more about the group be sure to check out the wiki link in the sidebar

Video / Story here

In news that seemed to pass everyone by
Apparently when Sony released God of War 2 they really went all out. Now I know this old news now, but I found it to be rather interesting. You see one of the big things they did was hold it in Greece, and allow some of the oddest things to occur. This includes allowing guest to the party to reach into a recently slaughtered goat to pull Offal from the stomach, along with topless waitresses and allowing guest to pull live snakes from a pit.


In the political news front and a redeeming shot from Fox News
An interesting series of questions was posed to Barak Obama through the most unlikely of sources. Foxnews.com, The questions tackled issues that really do need to be addressed, or spoken about if he hopes to show any form of consistency, including his stance on the issue of Cuba.

Until recently the democratic nominee’s choice that the Cuban embargo was somehow useful to the nation of Cuba, this of course being in direct opposition to prior statements regarding the allowance of trade with Cuba again so that their floundering economy could get a pickup.


In the tech news front
Citibank still hates Linux users, if you attempt to login on to their site through a Linux based operating system, expect to get a blank screen and the assurance that you need to use a secure OS like windows. This coming from the company that is using Solaris to run its servers. That’s just wonderful.

Really this kind of ignorance is just sad, it comes from a tech department of 30+ folks with a CTO who graduated learning AGOL. And the problem runs down the line. People need to learn that as long as the browser can read it, 9 times out of 10 the OS will have no effect on the rendering or safety of the page, (at least with a website that isn’t harmful to begin with)

That being said, this has been brought up to Citibank several times, but their
policy holds firm…

Such a shame

But yeah leave with that floating in your mind, oh also if you wouldn’t mind, please feel free to comment / rate / whatever. Here’s some more portal music

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