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July 23, 2008
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Obama in Iraq For the past week or so, Presidential candidate Barak Obama has been on a tour of several key Middle Eastern states including Iraq and Afghanistan. This would be one of his first trips to the region. And while he’s being criticized for not doing this earlier, I have to say I find it interesting that the Republican Party is taking him to town on this one, given that he really hasn’t had a chance to visit Iraq anyway. McCain barks and preaches about multiple visits, the problem there of course is McCain has been in National politics since the 1980’s, I’d be more worried if he hadn’t made visits to the area. Obama has only been a senator since 2005. Also I find it funny that his name is one of the few that you can search for on Google, and it will bring up his own website before Wikipedia.

But the point is he will be going over there to talk with key military leaders in the region to get an idea of how things are going. Given that I could care less about either candidate this year, simply because regardless of what party they are from and who they are, I doubt they have the capacity to restore this nation to any form of glory. But of the candidates on the field, Barak Obama looks like he’d do the best job of not screwing it up for the rest of us. So I suppose I’ll vote for him, assuming of course some cracked out KKK loving redneck doesn’t do the unthinkable…. I really hope the secret service is keeping an eye out on this one.

Gas Prices
And 30 years after the Carter Administration and we are still dependent on gas, sometimes I think it simply isn’t worth it to have a drivers License. With gas around here finally peaking out around $4.00 and the senate just now taking the time to look at the issue, I am left to wonder if they will be able to pull it off. I mean let’s face it, there is no reason why we should be paying as much as we are for gas. I could see if Gas Companies we’re breaking even… but they are making record profits. And the problem is that no one is really able to boycott the substance because we are quite frankly addicted to it. And alternative fuel sources seem to be several years away before they can be implemented properly.

You add this to some crackpot craze for Ethanol, which isn’t any more helpful than gas to begin with, and you end up some interesting times. Honestly Truckers just need to sit down and riot, the second the primary method of transportation for a good perce3ntage of the world’s goods tell people they are no longer doing their job unless the price of gas drops, I assure you that people would begin to pay attention

In news no one cares about,
Lou Dobbs is still a racist asshole, and not willing to admit it

In the Hollywood News Bracket
The Dark Knight has become one of the biggest movies of all time, beating out that miserable and undeserving failure of a movie, Spiderman 3. Having seen the movie myself, I must say it probably deserves the title. While it may not be the greatest movie of all time, it certainly is the best movie of this year, and I doubt very much if anything will be capable of topping it.

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