Friday, July 25, 2008

Obama Speech in Germany

Recently, presidential canidate, Barak Obama, went to Germany to give a wonderful speech to the crowd. Look lets face it folks, John McCain doesn't have a shot in hell of winning this race, the second that he and Senator Obama are put on the same stage for a debate, both McCain's age and horrible ideas will begin to show through, and the message that the democratic party has been pushing for the last year or so might actually begin to show through.

The fact of the matter is that when you look at John McCain's political positions he really does show through as just another Bush Clone. And given people hatred towards our current president... I can't understand why people would even be willing to give this man an ear. I could see maybe a 20%-30% approval rating for McCain, less so than our current president, because I imagine some folks are simply following him because they have some soul bound patriotic duty not to dislike the president (Of course the irony there is that is in fact the very opposite of what this country was founded on, but more on that later).

So anyway with regards to the Obama speech, he hasn't become President of the United States, and he is already responsible for two speeches that will probably ring throughout history for at least the next five years or so. Really, I could care less for all the speeches and the politics, that doesn't change the reality of things, being of course the Europe is still pretty offset about our nature to react so violently to attack. I guess after 1000+ years of internal warfare and conflict, they are simply used to the idea and aren't over reacting to things like terrorist attacks because they are nothing more than a modern day castle ransack. Hell during the roman times entire cities were lost, and Rome sat quietly and sipped wine. The United States hasn't had to endure that, not since the Civil War, and even than it wasn't an outside enemy. The last time an outside enemy was able to lay siege (memorable siege) was the burning of the White House in the war of 1812.

So really I wouldn't be surprised if even while the Europeans we're clapping they weren't a bit thrown off by the terrorism markup. Which I imagine was aimed at appeasing the home front who watches CNN / Faux News.

Anyway, just some thoughts...

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