Monday, July 28, 2008


So I've decided to save my news story for the video tomorrow. Oh by the way I have made up a schedule for my video's, so that the two people who actually care to watch it will be kept up with something semi interesting. In the mean time i think I'm just going to focus on myself, and be all blogfaggy and such. I'm not really sure why, other than the fact that I think I just need to vent and the best way to do that is to simply not pay attention to what's going on around me on the international front.

With regards to Purdue University. Everyone keeps telling me that I simply need to read the pounds of flyers / bullshit they have sent me in order to really understand what is going on. My thought is, if I wanted to learn by reading, than I wouldn't need to apply for any college on the planet, and I could sit down and read. Don't get me wrong, I like to read, but I don't like being told that I need to pile through 3 tons of bullshit only to get 1 - 2 useful facts out of the whole endeavor. That's why the whole verbal communication process exist. So that I can speak / converse in some manner with a real human being and get straight to the point of things. If I cared for the fluff I would read it on my own time, but with so few weeks until I pack up and head 9 hours away to a corn filled state, I would like to get key details out of the way such as but not limited to, where it is I am living, how it is I am paying for these things, etc.

It's just that I wish there were more active attempts at communication, for such a successful college I would think they would take more effort to send me useful non flyer based mail. I don't know its not really that big a deal I suppose, they have a great many students to take care of, it just feels so impersonal.

In other news I was able to get a hold of a new phone, I am hoping that it will get better reception / whatever so that I don't have calls just suddenly drop out on me. Also I think this is the most blog post that I have done in a row without some kind of distraction.

So yeah... anyway hopefully I should have a new video to you sometime in the near future.


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