Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Way to go Sid Meier

So, I was recently trying to play civilization 3, sadly that all went to hell when the game decided, that I the one who had payed for it, was not in fact the original owner. That's right, thanks to the wonderful copyright protection that went into the game, it is convinced that I do not have the original disk. So, really I just wanted to thank Firaxis games, I really was hoping to enjoy Civ 3 and all its glory, and what I end up with is a nasty mess of tech support.

The problem there of course is the Firaxis has decided against providing easy access to any form of technical support. I suppose that happens when you interlace a game company with another game company, on top of yet another game company. So I tried looking through 2k games for contact information, thinking maybe they had inherited Civ 3 and could help out.

No contact info on any of the sites, and at this point I was getting just a tad bit frustrated, I mean really I had legitimately bought the game, and I was hoping to find a solution that didn't involve me cracking my own game. I finally came to the decision that I was fed up with the whole thing and I wasn't going to use piracy against the anti piracy software for one of the few computer games I own.

Needless to say I simply uninstalled the game and moved on, hoping that Civ 4 might provide a distraction while I sulked about my lack of Civ 3. The big problem with civ 4 is that it moves very fast compared to civ 3, (which I played to waste away hours of my time). Add to this that I missed the huge map editor that came with civ 3 that is hidden away in Civ 4. I mean huge is a big map, but I feel it is lacking in comparison to Civ 3's 365 x 365 map sizes.

But for the time being, I guess I'll have to stick with Civ 4 as the only alternative as all the tech support options for Civ 3 seem to simply involve cracking the game.

What a pain,
Thanks Civ 3, I'll miss you

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