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July 26th Youtube Video

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July 26th 2008,

Hey, it’s July 26th 2008, --- Well not yet, but I have things to do Saturday, so you best just deal with the fact that I uploaded it today
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If you went to a New York Yankee’s game recently you may have been surprised. It would seem that in order to stem terrorism, it has been decided that sun block be added to the terror watch list; At least at the Yankee’s game, and on an especially sunny day. And to make up for it, you could even go and get a new bottle of sun block for only $5.00…

This is even better than those bottles of water that clearly were bombs according to the TSA, I mean if I were going to use a bottle of sun block to cause trouble, I could think of much better ways than to use it as a weapon of terror, a nude beach perhaps… but not as a terrorist weapon. You know come to think of it, If I was running around a nude beach with a bottle of sun block, that might just be seen as a weapon of terror >_>

In the paranoid news block
A CNN reporter who did a series on the bloated 1 million name + list that the TSA uses in order to detain you at the airport claims that he too is getting hassled. The TSA is of course denying any allegation that it’s their faults, and claims the airports are to blame. The airports have in turn claimed that were simply going off the list provided by the TSA.

By the way if you would like to find out if you are an America hating terrorist they say that it is pretty easy to find the list. Much to my disappointment I couldn’t find the list to find out if I hated America enough to be detained at an airport. If someone out there can find it, please feel free to point it out the res t of us so we can all get a good laugh.

In News of the Weird,
A man stole buses during the day, drove them on their routes, and returned them at night. He didn’t steal the bus fair, he didn’t hurt the passengers, he just drove the buses on their route and did it all in an employee’s uniform. The motives are a complete mystery, but the man has been charged with 3 counts of grand theft auto.

Having been on the local buses, and imagining the magnification that Miami Florida would perform on the normal attendants of said buses. I think the man should simply be given a check for driving the buses around. I can only imagine the kind of strange faces you see on a bus in Florida, but I suppose if you have the motivation not to get paid for doing a job, you are more than likely fine with those faces.

In news no one cares about, and by that I mean about our European brethren
An elderly woman had her camera confiscated by a council worker across the pond, because of fears that she might be a paedophile. She was taking photos of an empty paddling pool

Now, I would like to say, that it represents a fetish out there, but not the one the council member was thinking of. Horrible image now creeping into your mind aside, please enjoy some more batman theme music.

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